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Delmarva Christian Schools is blessed with incredibly gifted and passionate faculty and staff who desire to walk alongside families and grow each student spiritually, academically, and physically. 

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  • Amy Smith

    Teaching students the many different components of reading and watching them apply that knowledge to their own reading never ceases to amaze me.
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  • Ashley Houtz

    Teaching lessons in art history to the younger students is especially fun, because for many of them, they are learning about famous artists/artworks for the very first time! I also love teaching students how to draw, because drawing is my favorite art activity. 
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  • Cassandra Burdell

    From the moment you walk into Delmarva Christian you can tell that the staff and students are a family.
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  • David Chappell

    I love teaching about how God has been at work since the beginning of time to have a personal relationship with each of us
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  • Jennifer Burton

    We’re like a family. It’s a positive work environment. We support each other, pray for each other, and help each other. 
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  • Leah Bell

    The reason why I love being an educator at Delmarva Christian is because I get to point students to the Gospel
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  • Renae Worley

    I believe that we can encourage our young people to stand strong in the midst of an ungodly world as Daniel did.
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  • Alicia Basar

    I had heard great things about Delmarva and wanted my children here and I was shocked when a history teaching position opened up ……
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  • Tracy Stratton

    My passion is reading. I love when they become more fluent and start comprehending, it really 
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  • Coach Dave Bowlin

    I always wanted to work at Delmarva Christian and always kept my eyes on DCS waiting for a position to open.
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  • Mary Patterson

    I feel like I’ve been an educator my whole life. My school growing up did a lot of mentoring and my kindergarten teacher had me teaching the other kids to learn how to read……
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  • Tiffany Haley

    Being a science teacher at a Christian school allows me to present the facts
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