Performing Arts

Stimulating Imagination & Thought

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  • Acting, Singing, Music, Dance & Video Production

    Delmarva Christian Schools offers many fine art electives to include performing arts, worship arts, and musical arts. Through the implementation of a cumulative art curriculum, students hone the tools of creativity and expression.

    The Delmarva Christian Schools Performing Arts Program seeks to serve its student body, faculty, families, and community by sharing the message of redemption.
Each performance is meant to first and foremost bring praise and honor to Jesus Christ, and secondarily, lead its participants and audience on a journey to the Cross. As a team, the students and staff use their gifts of acting, singing, music, dance, and video production to stimulate imagination and thought about the Truths of God and man.

Students across all program levels have the opportunity in the performing arts with praise and worship, music courses, and fine arts.