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Welcome to Delmarva Christian

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  • From the Head of School

Founded in 1999, Delmarva Christian Schools is an Early Learning Center - Grade 12 school with vision and mission statements that work together to create a parent, school, and church body support system that focuses on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational wellnesses of over 500 students annually.
Led by an incredibly wise Board of Directors, DCS holds fast to the truth that God is our creator and through His son Jesus Christ, we can experience salvation, freedom, and purpose. And so, our philosophy of education is birthed. 

Educational Sanctification - the natural ability to learn was given to discover truths about God, His creation, and our unique design. Science provides a perspective that points to intelligent design filled with awe and wonder. Math is a language that describes God  as being ordered and patterned. The study of languages and literature offer insights about character, conflict, and relationships as compared to biblical principles. History demonstrates the brokenness of man and governmental structures throughout time and the need for a Savior bigger than himself. Lastly, elective courses are used to communicate creativity and emotion in Christ-honoring ways.

Our Calling - no matter our career path, each one of us is called to be an ambassador for Christ. However, the uniqueness of our specific experiences, passions, strengths, and personalities guides us to pursue pathways described as teacher, business owner, architect, consultant, etc. Our students are raised up to be difference makers for Christ in their future respective fields. 

Living Curriculum - to accomplish this portrait of our graduates, we trust that the Lord uses all courses, extracurricular activities, and relationships, synergistically and according to His will, to equip us for this call. 

With a holistic approach to influencing our students spiritually, academically, and physically, we recognize a culture around us thirsting for more. And so, welcome to the Delmarva Christian learning community!

Delighting in Him,
Mr. Matthew Kwiatkowski
Head of Schools