Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Delmarva Christian Schools is made up of a cross section of community leaders.

Many of them have a background in serving on the boards of local Christian schools, as well as managing and teaching in both the public and private education systems.

In addition to the education credentials held by the Board of Directors, most of our members also have business leadership skills, including knowledge and experience in developing operational and capital budgets as well as development of overall project designs and construction.

List of 14 items.

  • Marlene Elliott Brown

  • Dan Schlabach

    Vice President
  • Jay Stevens

  • Chris Theis

  • Jeff Banning

  • Donnie Burris

  • Tim Dukes

  • Greg Hastings

  • Zach Hayes

  • Garry Light

  • Lynn W. Moore

  • Craig Moyer

  • Deric Parker

  • David Wilson