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Facilities Usage

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    With two campuses, Delmarva Christian Schools is able to offer a vast array of indoor and outdoor spaces to the community.

    Delmarva Christian High School, located at the geographic center of Sussex County in Georgetown, sits on a 48-acre campus which includes practice and playing fields along with an 31,000 square foot academic building and a 27,000 square foot Arts & Athletic Center. Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Football fields along with a state-of-the-art indoor gymnasium, cafeteria, prep kitchen, student union, library, and classrooms are available for rental.

    Delmarva Christian Milton Campus, located directly off of Route 1 and adjacent to Eagle’s Nest Fellowship Church in Milton, sits on a 58-acre campus which includes multiple playground spaces along with an academic building. The soccer field and playgrounds along with an indoor gymnasium with stage, small cafe, library, and classrooms are available for rental.
When requesting use of facilities, please follow these instructions:
  1. Application shall be filed at least one month prior to the date requested.
  2. Applications must be signed by an authorized representative of the group or organization.
  3. One application may be made for a series of similar activities.
  4. Notification of application approval or denial will be received in writing or electronically.
  5. Refreshments (food and drink) are not permitted indoors or outdoors unless permission is granted.
  6. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any time on DCS properties.
  7. The use of DCS facilities is limited to the specific areas for which permission has been granted.
  8. A regular DCS employee is to be present within the building at all times when the building is being used by any individual, group, or organization. Furthermore, a door keeper–supplied by the renting organization–is required. Once all participating attendees have entered the building, all exterior doors must be locked/secured enabling the door keeper to participate in the organization’s activity. At no time are doors to be left unlocked or set ajar for any reason.
  9. It is the responsibility of the organization’s authorized representative(s) and/or the organization’s officer(s) requesting use of DCS facilities to enforce all DCS rules and regulations and to accept complete responsibility for all its participating members, guests, and/or visitors who are on DCS grounds during the sponsoring organization’s contracted use of DCS facilities.
  10. The sponsoring organization is responsible for personal liabilities and property damage while DCS facilities are being used.
  11. Delmarva Christian Schools, Inc. Board of Directors may require that the sponsoring organization purchase special event insurance and/or include additional insurance coverage for DCS.