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Senior Thesis Project

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  • What Is STP?

    Working within the framework of the stated mission of Delmarva Christian High School – “to academically, physically, and spiritually prepare students to know and do God’s will for their lives” – the Senior Thesis is the culminating experience of the student’s time at DCHS.

The Multiple Aims of the Senior Thesis:

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  • An Opportunity to Exhibit Mastery on Chosen Topic

    This course will provide an opportunity for students to publicly exhibit their mastery of the academic, technical, and spiritual curriculum and defend a position on a selected topic.
  • Reflections on Spiritual Truths

    It will also allow the student to reflect on the spiritual truths that have been made evident through the guidance and instruction of their parents, the school staff, and the community of believers.
  • A Forum to Share Christian Worldviews

    It will provide a forum for the student to articulate, both in oral and written form, the Christian worldview that has been nurtured and developed within.
  • Conclusion

    Finally, it will allow students to declare their plan and intentions to pursue God’s calling for their life.
After completing a rigorously challenging 8-weeks during which each senior crafts his or her thesis-driven paper (average: 25 pages), students move on to the final phase of STP — a Keynote Presentation with Product (the product is intended to add a tangible element to their effort).

The Keynote Presentation runs approximately 20 minutes and includes a 5-minute, in-depth question-and-answer segment with an audience. The Product is also shown and explained to the attending members of the audience at this time. Below the calendar is a list of several product websites and pages created by the students.

Many seniors invite family and friends to view their presentations, and often DCS School Board members, staff, and entire classrooms of students fill the seats to view this very special, culminating moment in the lives of our seniors.

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Student Name STP Title Date Time
Ainsley Bell Caffeine Crisis: The Effects Caffeine Has On Athletic Performance Friday, May 19 9:55
Andrew Daisey How to Break Free from One of Satan’s Worst Lies Friday, May 19 12:15
Angelina Ferreira A Glorious Church: How Architecture and Artwork Affect The Overall Experience In The Church Wednesday, May 17 10:55
Aubree Tyndall The Sexualization of Women in Media: The Effects of Sexualization In The Next Generation Friday, May 12 10:55
Ayla Basar Stay at Home Moms: How Modern Feminism Affects the Family and Gender Roles Friday, May 5 9:55
Carter Breasure Name, Image, and Likeness: Improvement for Student Athletes Monday, May 15 10:25
Christian Hodges Freedom of Speech: Liberty's Linchpin Tuesday, May 9 10:55
Cody Bennett Gun Control: Why Teaching is More Important than Taking Wednesday, May 10 11:25
Deborah Martinez-Nieto Put yourself in others’ shoes: Immigrants give more than they get Tuesday, May 16 12:15
Elizabeth Moyer The Glorified Pimp: How Pornography helps fuel the sex trafficking industry. Friday, May 12 1:00
Ellie Millaway Profit Over Patient: How Big Pharma Has Become A Corrupt Industry Tuesday, May 16 9:55
Emily Bennett Movement Is Energy for The Mind: Exercise enhances mental stability Friday, May 12 10:25
Erin French School’s in Session: How Long School Hours Are Negatively Affecting Students Monday, May 8 12:15
Ethan Davis Overcoming Loneliness: The Loneliness Epidemic Friday, May 19 1:00
Evan Murray Intentional Inclusivity: A Christian's Proper Approach to the LGBTQ+ Community Friday, May 12 12:15
Evelyn Jensen A Healthy Future: Why Mandatory Vaccines Should Not be for Children Monday, May 15 9:55
Grant Jernigan Children and Firearms: Why firearms safety should be taught at a young age. Thursday, May 18 12:45
Henry Grote Code-In Christ: How video games can be a tool for evangelism in modern society. Monday, May 8 9:55
Jordan Paoli Virtual Reality: How This Revolutionary Technology Can Change Our World Wednesday, May 17 11:25
Justin Boyer The Failing FSBO: Why unrepresented buyers and sellers fail Monday, May 8 10:25
Kaylan Yoder A League of Their Own: How Transgender Athletes Are Changing the Game Friday, May 19 10:55
Keelie Conaway Closing the Gap: How the Church Should Support Getting Life-Changing Resources on the Mission Field Friday, May 19 10:25
Kelsey Jernigan Harmful Healthcare: How abortion has been used to harm and control women. Tuesday, May 16 1:00
Kenli Whaley Hidden Hazards: Why more education about America’s processed food is necessary Monday, May 15 12:15
Lewis Burris The Testosterone Crisis: How Men's Health is Rapidly Declining Wednesday, May 10 10:55
Lily Fetterman A Successful Future: Why College is Not the Only Road to a Career Thursday, May 11 10:55
Lily Stubbs The Instant Fix: The Overmedication of Today's Youth Struggling With Mental Health Monday, May 15 1:00
Maryn Hocker Locally Owned vs Chain: The Benefits of Shopping Local Thursday, May 11 12:45
Matthew Davis The Need for Safety: How Improvements Can Be Made to the Safety of Football Thursday, May 18 11:25
Michael Boccio One Big, Green Lie: How Electric Cars are Not As Green For The Earth as Society Thinks. Tuesday, May 16 10:55
Myra Browning A Healthy Mind: The Importance of Mental Health in Athletes Thursday, May 11 11:25
Rachel Kline Beyond the Brain: Healing the Gut Microbiome to Treat Mental Illnesses Monday, May 8 10:55
Richard Bryant The Prison Reformation: The Solution to the Broken United States Prison Systems Tuesday, May 16 10:25
Sarah Gardner The Problem with the Legalization of Marijuana: Why Informing Individuals about Marijuana is Important Friday, May 12 9:55
Sean Justice Learning Languages: Should One Learn a Language Before Studying Abroad Tuesday, May 9 9:55
Tessa Kwiatkowski Destigmatizing Mental Health in Athletics: How Sports Psychologists are a Necessity Tuesday, May 9 10:25
Tommy Obertubbesing Variety is Key: How Playing Multiple Sports is Beneficial to Athletes Wednesday, May 10 12:45
Tristan Parker LGBTQ Themes In Cartoons Tuesday, May 9 12:15
Valencia Mbuagbaw The Influence of Social Media: Why Minority Representation In Social Media Is Important For Minority Youth Wednesday, May 17 12:45
Zach Christopher Football safety: How the lack of equipment and the newest helmets can be hurtful to youth football Thursday, May 18 10:55