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Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis Project

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  • What Is STP?

    Working within the framework of the stated mission of Delmarva Christian High School – “to academically, physically, and spiritually prepare students to know and do God’s will for their lives” – the Senior Thesis is the culminating experience of the student’s time at DCHS.

The Multiple Aims of the Senior Thesis:

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  • An Opportunity to Exhibit Mastery on Chosen Topic

    This course will provide an opportunity for students to publicly exhibit their mastery of the academic, technical, and spiritual curriculum and defend a position on a selected topic.
  • Reflections on Spiritual Truths

    It will also allow the student to reflect on the spiritual truths that have been made evident through the guidance and instruction of their parents, the school staff, and the community of believers.
  • A Forum to Share Christian Worldviews

    It will provide a forum for the student to articulate, both in oral and written form, the Christian worldview that has been nurtured and developed within.
  • Conclusion

    Finally, it will allow students to declare their plan and intentions to pursue God’s calling for their life.
After completing a rigorously challenging 8-weeks during which each senior crafts his or her thesis-driven paper (average: 25 pages), students move on to the final phase of STP — a Keynote Presentation with Product (the product is intended to add a tangible element to their effort).

The Keynote Presentation runs approximately 20 minutes and includes a 5-minute, in-depth question-and-answer segment with an audience. The Product is also shown and explained to the attending members of the audience at this time. Below the calendar is a list of several product websites and pages created by the students.

Many seniors invite family and friends to view their presentations, and often DCS School Board members, staff, and entire classrooms of students fill the seats to view this very special, culminating moment in the lives of our seniors.

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Aaron Brown Gun Control: Why We Need to Defend Our Second Amendment Rights Mon., May 9, 9:15
Adam Garbrick The EPA vs The Human Race Fri., May 13, 8:30
Austin Harp Why Steroids Should be Considered a Widespread Issue Mon., May 9, 12:05
Briana Reigle-Fabber Second Chances: How Winning the War of Addiction Takes Faith Tues., May 10, 12:35
Brooks Parker Professional Athletes: How the Players' Unions Give Them Too Much Power Wed., May 11, 9:45
Chase Wilson Trade School vs. College: The Benefits of Attending a Trade School Over a University Thurs., May 19, 9:45
Chi Matthews The World of Trades Fri., May 20, 9:15
Christian Hermann The Overdiagnosis of ADHD Tues., May 10, 8:30
Conrad Rukowicz The Perfect Diet Solution Tues., May 10, 1:05
Dakota Whaley Making an Impact: Three Ways Christian Psychologists Are Making A Difference Mon., May 16, 9:15
Dillon Koster Technology’s Impact: The Impact Technology Has on Children and Teenagers' Social Skills Tues., May 10, 9:15
Emily Jones The Decrease of Male Nursing: The Reasons Behind the Decline of Male Nursing in Our Society Tues., May 17, 9:15
Gabriel Ceresini Def is Pointless: How the Def System Does Not Work and is Destroying the Diesel Industry Fri., May 13, 9:15
Gavin Catron Capital Punishment: How Capital Punishment is Justifiable Fri., May 13, 12:05
Grace Swain Effects of Social Media: How Social Media Influences Poor Body Image and Eating Disorders Tues., May 17, 12:35
Isabelle Donihue The Essential Home: Discovering the Vitality of In-person Church Mon., May 9, 1:05
Jaanai Chavez The Effects Living and Parenting Conditions Have on Children: Children Need Safe, Stable Housing and Responsive Parenting Wed., May 18, 12:40
Jeremiah Hannah The Reality of Acting: Why Christian Actors Should Be Careful About The Roles They Choose To Portray Thurs., May 12, 12:40
Joel Evans The Dying Art of Work: How the Trade Industry is Dying and Losing Popularity Wed., May 11, 1:15
Kacy Hampton Substance Abuse: The Disease Model of Addiction Thurs., May 19, 12:40
Kaela Mitchell Level It Out: Breaking Down Barriers And Reaching For Equality in Healthcare Mon., May 16, 1:05
Lauren Henderson Animal Abuse in Science: How Animals are Treated Cruelly and Inhumanely for Scientific Research. Mon., May 9, 8:30
Linh Ha Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering: Solutions To The Organ Shortage Crisis Mon., May 16, 12:05
Lou Fleurima Mental Health in the Classroom: How Mental Health Can Be Prioritized in School Fri., May 20, 12:05
Makayla Heinrichs The Key Role Pesticides Have On Humans and the Environment Fri., May 13, 1:05
Mark Melson Get Real With Realtors: The Importance of Hiring a Real Estate Agent Tues., May 17, 12:05
Michael Hart Time to Slow Down: The Social and Economic Effects of Fast Fashion Wed., May 11, 12:40
Noah Culver The Right to Repair: How the Right to Repair Can Change How We Constantly Replace Our Products and, in turn, Reduce E-waste Thurs., May 12, 9:45
Olivia Giltner Childhood Sports: The Benefits of Sports in a Child’s Development Mon., May 16, 8:30
Riley Briggs Killing in War: Is It a Sin to Serve and Kill in War? Fri., May 20, 8:30
Seader Bennett The Students vs. The Tests: Why Standardized Testing Does Not Reflect the Intelligence of Every Student Wed., May 18, 9:45
Sierra Troyer Counseling in Christ: How Christian Counseling Is the Key to Healing Tues., May 17, 8:30
Taylor Dukes The War on Military and Veteran Suicide: a Solution Mon., May 16, 12:35
Trey Magee Pornography: The Destructive Effects of Pornography Mon., May 9, 12:35
Zach Smith Professionalism: How Professionalism is not Based on Appearance but on Character Tues., May 10, 12:05
Zachary Desiderio Social Media for Good: How Social Media can be Used Properly Fri., May 13, 12:35