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  • Course at DCS

    Welcome to the DCS course catalog.  Parents and students can get a short summary of each course offering at DCS.

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  • iLearn Courses (High School Only)

    iLearn provides the opportunity for students to receive college and high school credit for the same course at the same time. Students enrolled in dual enrollment courses get a head start on their college education and save money while taking rigorous college courses. Once a student has been accepted into the dual enrollment program and successfully completes a course, the student is recognized as an accepted student to that university waiving any future application fees to that university. Dual enrollment courses appear on the DCHS transcript as well as the university’s transcript.
    DCHS has partnered with accredited universities; therefore, these university credits are likely to transfer to other colleges and universities. However, parents and students are encouraged to contact colleges and universities, other than those that have partnership with DCHS, to verify and ensure the transfer of credits before enrolling in a dual enrollment course.
  • Required Courses (High School Only)

    The following table is a list of the courses required for all DCHS students. When selecting courses students should make sure that required courses have been selected before choosing electives. Please review the graduation requirements before making course selections.  For course descriptions click on the department title.  Full-time students should select a total of 8 courses. Part time and homeschool students should select courses they plan on taking at DCHS.
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  • Elective Courses (High School Only)

    The following is a list of elective and advanced placement courses available in each department. For a description of the course, click on the department title. Elective courses will be scheduled depending on student interest and teacher availability.
    • English: College & Career Communications, AP English Literature & Composition
    • Social Studies:  Current Events, Psychology
    • Science: Anatomy & Physiology, Science Olympiad, AP Chemistry
    • Math: AP Calculus A/B, Strategic Financial Planning
    • Foreign Language: Spanish III, Spanish IV
    • Technology: Photography, Digital Design and Media, Yearbook I, Yearbook II (Yearbook I prerequisite with teacher recommendation)
    • Physical Education: Fitness, Athletic Leadership, Sports Psychology
    • Fine Arts: Art I, Art II (Art I prerequisite), Fine Arts Elective (TBA)
    • Arts: Industrial Arts
    • Internship: At DCHS (with teacher recommendation), Off Campus (with parent approval)

High School Course Descriptions

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  • Bible

    Story of Christ, Story of Scripture, Biblical Life Calling, Apologetics
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  • English

    English I, English II, English III, English IV
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  • Math

    Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, Strategic Financial Planning, AP Calculus
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  • Science

    Physical Science, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, AP Chemistry
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  • Foreign Language

    Spanish I, Spanish II
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  • Computer & Health Sciences

    Computer Applications, Physical Education I, Health
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  • Social Studies

    American Government, U.S. History, World History
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  • Electives

    A list of elective and advanced placement courses available in each department.
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Milton Campus Course Descriptions

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  • Kindergarten

    Kindergarten provides a positive and energetic learning environment where learning styles are developed and a lifetime love of learning is cultivated.
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  • First Grade

    First grade is a positive and engaging learning environment where students are loved, nurtured, and encouraged to explore God’s great creation through multiple subjects.
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  • Second Grade

    In second grade students will experience an engaging and differentiated learning environment.
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  • Third Grade

    In third grade students learn about who their Creator is through science discovery, order in math, historical evidence, and the intricacy of language.
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  • Fourth Grade

    In fourth grade, students will acquire skills and knowledge through instruction, group discussion and research.
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  • Fifth Grade

    Fifth graders are training to think more deeply about academic concepts, while also building greater independence as students.
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  • Middle School Core Curriculum

    Math, English, History, Science, Bible
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  • Middle School Specials

    Physical Education, Spanish, Library, Art, Music, Tech Ed, Home Economics/Culinary Arts
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