Stronger Together

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  • Stronger. Together.

    In a shifting culture, Delmarva Christian Schools (DCS) delivers exceptional, personalized, biblically-centered instruction from the Early Learning Center through 12th grade. Our mission is “to proclaim the Gospel by preparing students spiritually, academically, and physically to know and do God’s will in their lives” with core values “excellent Christian education”, both of which describe why and how DCS functions.
Coming together as one community, one whole body, composed of faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members, not only strengthens Delmarva Christian Schools, but it also pushes forward its Kingdom centered mission into our ever changing culture. DCS is committed to developing students to be difference makers for Christ in their future chosen fields and with your support, we can equip and guide them to fulfill their calling of being leaders for Jesus Christ.

How Can I Help?

Your partnership in the Stronger Together Campaign is essential. Please, prayerfully consider the investment you will make in Delmarva Christian School and how your support will invest in our children’s formative years. Together, we can prepare students spiritually, academically, and physically to know and do God’s will in their lives. Let us hear from you as soon as possible.

Our goal is to raise over $30,000,000.00 in gifts to influence the next generation with what it needs most: the truth of the Gospel.

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The Project
Since 2004, Delmarva Christian School has provided quality education with a Christ-centered focus. Enrollment has steadily increased each year, which led us to a new campus in 2013 and expansion in 2014. Due to increased demand for Christian education and area population growth, we have outgrown our facility once again.

To meet the need, the Delmarva Christian School leadership has a plan to construct a 73,000 square-foot Upper School facility (6th-12th grade), a 13,000 square foot Early Learning Center Facility (PK2 - PK4), and renovate our existing high school facility to accommodate grades K-5. This will enable us to serve up to 1,000 students. We envision creating an optimum campus with purposeful learning environments and excellent athletic and fine arts accommodations. This new facility will bolster our mission and vision instead of restricting them.

The main benefit will be that all Upper and Lower schools will reside on one campus. This will improve operational efficiency and our ability to create a strong, connected culture within the school. Other benefits include accommodation for enhanced student and faculty discipleship, improved safety and security measures, and a strong foundation for future growth. Overall, the new facility will improve the academic and cultural experience for all students.

From Vision to Reality
To bring our vision to reality, Delmarva Christian School is launching a $30 million capital campaign to build a new Upper School facility and Early Learning Center. Our Stronger Together Campaign reflects our deep desire to provide the next generation with quality Christian education.

The new facilities will keep us moving forward in excellent Christian education. This new space will provide enhanced enrollment opportunities for the Upper School and the lower grades and will result in a net savings of $12,500 in monthly revenues.