Delmarva Christian Schools Celebrate Class of 2024

Delmarva Christian High School proudly celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2024 held in the Arts and Athletic Center at Delmarva Christian High School. This year's ceremony marked another significant milestone as these graduates joined the distinguished ranks of over 694 other Delmarva Christian alumni who have gone on to impact their communities and the world.

The event was graced by an inspiring lineup of speakers, including the valedictorian, Jesslyn Duman, who delivered a poignant address centered around faith and trust. In her speech, Duman urged her classmates to "seek God and trust His future plans and what He is doing right now," emphasizing the importance of faith in navigating the future.

Sean French, the salutatorian, also shared his reflections, focusing on the journey and growth experienced during their time at Delmarva Christian, “the true measure of success is not worldly accomplishments, but following God."

Student Leadership Council President Ryley McCluskey encouraged her peers to "enter the world as lights," her words resonated deeply, reinforcing the school's mission to develop leaders who are not only academically prepared but also spiritually grounded.

The ceremony was further enriched by the keynote address from Delmarva Christian Schools Head of School, Matt Kwiatkowski. In his speech, Kwiatkowski expressed his heartfelt wishes for the graduates, stating, "I pray that these students magnify Jesus as they move beyond our walls, no matter the chapter they find themselves in life." His words encapsulated the hopes and prayers of the entire Delmarva Christian community for the new graduates.

Delmarva Christian Schools extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates and their families. The school community is confident that these young men and women will continue to make a positive impact wherever they go, living out the principles and faith that have been nurtured during their time at Delmarva Christian.

The graduating class of Delmarva Christian Schools proudly includes the following students: Addy Benjamin, Mason Bohinski, Kaleb Cronic, Sean Dawson, Jesslyn Duman, Claire Eden, Xavier Efford, Mia Elliott, Elizabeth Fannin, Zachary Faubert, Sean French, Daniel Genga, Aria Gill, Angely Gomez, David Green, Rachel Hall, Journey Handy, Edward Higgins, Lily Hutt, Maggie Kwiatkowski, Travis Lattanzi, Rosa MartinChavez, Josephina Mazzetti, Ryley McCluskey, Lance McQuay, Herman Mukhin, Alexandra Munro, Trinity Paoli, Josephine Peranteau, Vanessa Pierre-Louis, Audra Pilkington, Ashtin Reese, Tobi Robinson, Garrett Rogers, Karoline Schlabach-Carey,Brenda Silva, Katie Thompson, Lydia Woods, and Kathleen Zarebicki.