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NHS Induction Ceremony

Delmarva Christian High School (DCHS) proudly announces the induction ceremony for the National Honor Society (NHS), held on April 17th, 2024. The event, which took place at DCHS, welcomed 25 exceptional students into the esteemed ranks of the NHS.

The National Honor Society induction ceremony at DCHS is a celebration of academic excellence, leadership, service, and character. Students who are inducted into the NHS demonstrate outstanding achievements in these areas, embodying the core values of the organization.

Lily Jewell, one of the newly inducted members, shared her thoughts on the significance of pursuing excellence in character. She said, "Pursuing excellence in character looks like studying our bibles every day and seeking to apply its lessons or truths to our lives. Jesus highlights many great character traits throughout his ministry, such as his love for other people, his merciful forgiveness, and contentment in God’s will."

The induction ceremony was attended by students, faculty, staff, families, and members of the community, who gathered to honor the accomplishments of the new NHS members. Each inductee was recognized for their dedication to academic achievement, leadership, and service both within the school and the broader community.

In order to be eligible for the Delmarva Christian chapter of NHS, students must have a 94% or higher cumulative grade average after completing one year at DCHS. NHS serves to recognize students who have demonstrated and strive for excellence in four areas known as pillars - Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service.

New members: Claire Balliet, Addy Benjamin, Gracie Coffey, Eva Elliott, Emilia Faubert, Carson Hastings, Tyler Hutt, Lily Jewell, Malakai Jones, Katelyn Kline, Madison Little, Emily Lopez, Lucy Magee, Isabella Marinelli, Kylie McCabe, Emery Messick, Seth Mifflin, Alexandra Munro, Emily Obertubbesing, Cole Parker, Alyse Potter, Isabella Stubbs, Connor Wall, Chloe Wilkerson, and Kamryn Zarebicki.

"I extend my gratitude to the present members of the NHS for their guidance and words of encouragement for our newest members and for consistently upholding excellence. Induction into the NHS is not just a recognition of your talents, but also a testament to the purposeful ways in which you've employed them." - Kelley Ridley, NHS Advisor and DCHS Director of Instruction

Inductee, Lily Jewell spoke on the NHS pillar of character.

NHS Inductee, Kylie McCabe receives her medal and candle from current NHS members.
Delmarva Christian High School NHS Vice President, addresses the audience and provides an overview of NHS at Delmarva Christian.