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Delmarva Christian holds Service Day

Delmarva Christian Schools takes part in Royals Service Day, where students embarked on a mission to spread kindness through service in the community. 

From Millsboro to Georgetown, Milton to Trap Pond State Park, the Royals were on a mission to make a significant impact. Under the dedicated guidance of the school's esteemed faculty and staff, each grade took on service projects aimed at enhancing the local environment and uplifting community spirit. Whether beautifying parks or removing debris from public spaces, Delmarva Christian students showcased their servant hearts in action.

At Delmarva Christian, service isn't just a requirement—it's a way of life, DCS students embody the values of compassion and selflessness as they fulfill their required 25 hours of community service each year. 

The Royals Service Day event not only provided invaluable assistance to local communities but also reinforced the school's core values of service, leadership, and citizenship. Through hands-on participation in service initiatives, students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of giving back and the transformative power of collective action.

Delmarva Christian Schools extends its gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and community partners who made Royals Service Day a resounding success.