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Delmarva Christian Holds Lower School Play

On November 3, 2023 Delmarva Christian Elementary and Middle School students performed, 'Once Upon a Time,' a humorous twist on familiar fairy tales in the Arts and Athletic Center at Delmarva Christian High School. The cast and crew of nearly thirty students were directed by Continuum of Support Coordinate Katie Chappell and Fifth Grade Teacher Rhonda Taylor. With technical support, spray paint and artwork, and a stage built by the high school Industrial Arts class the whole school came together.

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FROM THE DIRECTOR CHAIR - Rhonda Taylor & Katie Chappell

What most excited you about the performance? 
Seeing the progress the students made in their acting skills and watching them really start to relax and enjoy themselves. 
What was your greatest obstacle? 
Learning lines. Most of our young actors and actresses have little or no experience on stage and getting the lines down was a challenge!  It was also difficult working around all of the people who we were sharing the stage space. We are very grateful for everyone's flexibility!
What drew you to the play you chose?
We actually had another play chosen, but we did not anticipate how many new students would be joining us. Our club has grown from 8 to 25 in just a year! We chose 'Once Upon a Time' because it had a humorous twist on familiar fairy tales, had plenty of opportunities for students of various abilities, and had a flexible cast large enough to accommodate the interest we had. 
What's next for the Drama Club?
Drama Club will continue to meet after the New Year weekly where we will work continue to work on our acting skills. We hope to continue to partner with the High School in future productions and are hopeful to perform another play this spring.