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An Expedition to Greece

Delmarva Christian High School students explored the footseps of the Apostle Paul on a 10 day trip to Greece. Organized by DCHS History teacher, Jeff Donihue using Joshua Expeditions the trip allowed students to learn about Paul’s missionary journeys.  

“For me, hearing what Paul said while connecting with the culture and beliefs of the people there made his message so much more persuasive,” Chaperone Adam Woods. “He was so intentional and bold and lives were changed; the gospel spread and we have it all recorded for us.” 

Designed around experiencing passages from the book of Acts, students visited the Acropolis wall of Thessaloniki, seeing this massive wall from before the time of Christ. Students visited the Latinos Monastery, where Paul preached in Acts 14 near where they believe Jason’s house was. They traveled to Basilica of St. Demetrius made in the 300’s, and several students were baptized in St. Lydia’s Baptistry.

“My favorite stop was Delphi and seeing the ruins and view there,” DCS student, Matthew Davis. “The most memorable moment on the trip was going on a hill in Athens and looking at the city and the Parthenon at night!”

“I really believe that this impacted the kids culturally, historically and spiritually, more than I ever expected,” Chaperone, Jeff Donihue. “This trip helped students see the Bible come alive and really help them draw closer to Jesus.”