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Royals Make their Mark on Community 

Delmarva Christian High School, a non-denominational Christian school in Georgetown, recently sent their entire high school around the county to complete service projects for local towns on Legacy Service Day.

DCS Director of Advancement, Justin Savini worked with the towns of Georgetown, Millsboro, Milton, and Seaford to arrange for service projects that each grade and accompanying teachers could work on independently. ““I love seeing our students servant hearts in action. To see high school students joyfully serving their communities is great evidence that the culture at Delmarva Christian Schools is special and making a lasting impact on the next generation,” Justin Savini, DCS Director of Advancement. 

Each year, students at Delmarva Christian are required to fulfill 25 hours of community service. The primary focus of these hours is for students to actively and intentionally show love through service to the community.

“This was my first Legacy Service Day and it was fantastic.  Getting to spend time with the Sophomore class while doing something good for the community was a memory I will cherish always,” DCHS Art Teacher Stacy Hennigan. “Jamie, from the town of Millsboro, spent time speaking to the students about the importance of trade jobs and how there are lots of opportunities for careers in trades. It was a great experience and I cannot wait to participate again.”