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Another J-Term in the Books!

Delmarva Christian High School students successfully completed another J-Term!
J-Term is a two-week period between fall and spring trimesters. The program is designed to help students recognize how their passions align with their God-given gifts and talents. Each year Delmarva Christian students and staff plan to visit mission ministries locally or abroad, perform short-term career internships, participate in academically-focused projects, visit conferences, and countless other growth opportunities.

This year, DCHS students traveled to Ghana, the Dominican Republic, and Baltimore for mission and service projects. The Ghana J-Term was developed by DCHS Cultures teacher Dr. Craig Taylor, "Our trip to Ghana was an atypical mission trip, our focus was encouraging the youth in the area and working on creating long lasting connections.”

Local courses of Ancestry, Intro to Film, Stage Production, Coffee 101, Competition for Life, Hiking and Biking, Internships, and Sewing provided students with the opportunity to learn life skills and experience learning in a unique environment.