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Middle School Specials

Physical Education, Spanish, Library, Art, Music, Tech Ed, Home Economics/Culinary Arts
Physical Education
Physical Education at Delmarva Christian creates an environment where students are taught the importance of godliness in the context of sports and physical activity. Subject matter includes each major sport as well as various physical activities, while emphasis is placed on competing at a high level in a way that pleases God spiritually. Students are taught intentionality in building a healthy lifestyle - which should be both fun and focused. This course encompasses topics such as healthy eating habits, muscles and joints, how to play a full game of competitive basketball, and everything in-between, while applying God’s Word to our character in all aspects. Students should complete each year with a better understanding of both physical education and sports in a way that honors and glorifies God.

Spanish at Delmarva Christian is developed with a variety of unique teaching methods necessary to keep students with different learning styles motivated and engaged in the classroom. Students at the elementary level are introduced to Spanish through games, stories, hands-on activities and short videos.  Students in middle school experience all four modalities of language acquisition: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking and writing.  All students experience cultural units so that they can gain an appreciation of  cultural similarities and differences throughout the Spanish- speaking world.  Students in Spanish class are encouraged to participate freely without fear of making mistakes, to be active learners in Spanish class, and to love God’s world.

In library class, children enter a relaxed but exciting learning environment.  There are many books to peruse, games to play, participation activities, class readings, independent reading, large and small group discussions, and even outdoor reading time.  All of these aspects contribute to a sensory friendly, fun, and safe learning environment where students are encouraged to love books and reading.  

The art room is an ambitious classroom of courage and perseverance, where the students’ individual artistic skills are strengthened and creativity is stimulated. In art class, children are taught that they are masterpieces created by God and given the opportunity to learn more about God’s amazing world through tools such as crayons, pencils, markers, paints, and so much more. Through a variety of art lessons and hands-on projects and activities, students explore the elements of art, the principles of design, art history, various art movements and styles, and how to use and care for art materials. Even more importantly, students are also given opportunities to build and practice essential life skills such as keeping things neat and tidy, listening to directions, interacting positively with one another, and honoring God by doing their best.

In the music classroom, students are inspired to explore different elements of music as they learn through discovery and experiences, while understanding that music is a gift from God. In early elementary, students experience expressive movement, beat motions, songtales, pitch exploration, song fragments, simple songs, arioso, movement exploration, and an introduction to solfege. Upper elementary students focus on music literacy, creating rhythm/melody, reading rote, recorder knowledge, choral singing, music expression, percussion technique, and rhythmic literacy. Middle school students apply their musical skills and literacy when exploring music history, world music, choral singing, drum circle, piano exposure, musical identity, and genre dissection.

Tech Ed
In Tech Ed class, students learn to use the technology that God gave us to make work easier.  Kindergarten through eighth grade classes use Chromebooks in the classroom and learn Internet best practices. Older elementary and middle school students are taught proper internet research skills, referencing and citations skills, as well as the application of Google mail, Docs, Slides and Sheets.

Home Economics/Culinary Arts
Home Economics/Culinary Arts is a fun classroom where students are creative and become hands-on learners. They learn how to be disciples of God by serving others and showing their love through food. They will also experience the joy of service and just how important a good meal is, especially to those in need. Students will focus on reading and following recipes, creating their own recipe books, and developing many important life skills.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in various competitions, using their God given talents.