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Middle School Core Curriculum

Math, English, History, Science, Bible
Middle school math allows students to take the math class in which each student will be most successful.  Students receive a comprehensive three-year in-depth program that covers all topics traditionally offered in middle and high school Algebra I classes, as well as Geometry for advanced students. In math class, students will review, apply, and extend what is being learned to provide real-life applications and to demonstrate the orderliness, precision, and dependability of God’s Creation.

In Middle School English Language Arts students are encouraged to inquire about and discover God’s awe-inspiring Creation through the exploration of literature.  Students will learn to reflect on their observations, evaluate resources, and express their opinions through activities, projects, and in writing by citing evidence and utilizing academic vocabulary, good grammar, and proper formatting.

History comes alive in a classroom where students recognize God’s covenants with His people and the truth of his Word, as seen through the people and events he has raised and used to bring about His great plan.  Students are taught to reason using fact and biblical morality when forming opinions and decision-making and learn how to dissent and debate effectively and respectfully.  Ultimately, students recognize that America has always been an idea born of God’s providence and flawed men who were great thinkers.

Middle School Science is an exploration of our incredible world, in light of God’s amazing truth and wonder.  From looking at the “big picture” of Earth’s systems, to the precious details of its makeup, middle schoolers will be awestruck with appreciation of God’s might and goodness. In this course, middle school scientists will question, analyze and problem-solve how we, as faithful stewards, can know and care for our world.

In Middle School Bible, exploration and understanding of God's word is accomplished through reflection, critical thinking, object lessons, and exegetical teaching. Bible class will span the history of God’s creation, the fall of creation, and God’s plan of redemption and restoration. The goal for students is to know what they believe and why they believe it, as well as to be able to defend God’s Truth with respect (1 Peter 3:15). Bible Class is a safe place for all students to openly discuss and share their questions, curiosity, and understanding of the content.