Course Catalog


Story of Christ, Story of Scripture, Biblical Life Calling, Apologetics
Bible 9: Story of Christ
With the understanding that Jesus is the main character of human history, the main goal of the Story of Christ course is to show each student who Jesus is and what Jesus did so they would come to a confident, informed, and true commitment to Jesus (John 17:3).  The students will be learning about Jesus’ teaching, His miracles, His death, and His resurrection. 

Bible 10: Story of Scripture
The main goal of the Story of Scripture course is to show each student who God is and what He has been doing throughout history so they would come to understand God’s plan as a restoration of His creation through His son Jesus Christ.  The students will be learning about who God is, the history of God’s chosen people, the wisdom of God, and how the message of Jesus was first carried out. 

Bible 11: Biblical Life Calling
Biblical Life Calling is a deep exploration into God’s General and Specific Calling on each of our lives and how that will guide us into meaningful choices in our educational, vocational, and spiritual journeys (Ephesians 4:1).  This journey begins with hearing God’s call and responding to God’s call. The course will then apply concepts related to cultivating the call of God and sharing the call. Furthermore, this class will study the examples of Nehemiah and the Apostle Paul as they pursued the calling of God in their lives  (1 Cor. 11:1).

Bible 12: Apologetics  
As the sole authority for our faith that informs Christian tradition, reason, and experience, the Bible is the foundation for a Christian worldview, cultivated in each student. Students are encouraged by word and by example to place absolute confidence in the Truth of the scriptures, and to submit their lives to the call and demands of the Bible. This process involves critically differentiating between the truth claims of other belief systems and the Truth of God’s Word. The student will be equipped to apply God’s word to cultural issues facing them.  Rather than preparing students to answer critics with simple responses and Bible verses, the approach in this course prepares students to engage in meaningful dialogue with non-Christians, ask thought-provoking questions, and expose flaws in other people’s worldviews—with gentleness and respect.

Senior Thesis
Working within the framework of the stated mission of Delmarva Christian High School—“to academically, physically, and spiritually prepare students to know and accomplish God’s will for their lives”—the Senior Thesis is the culminating experience of the student’s time at DCHS. As such, this course will attempt to measure the individual student’s growth in the above-mentioned categories (though especially focused on the academic and spiritual preparation) through a rigorous battery of assessments. The Senior Thesis provides graduating seniors with an opportunity to proclaim how God’s will for their lives has been revealed and the assurance of that call strengthened through their experience at Delmarva Christian High School and how they will respond to the call on their lives to influence the world of Christ.