DCS Leans into School Safety

Delmarva Christian Schools Prioritizes Safety with New Initiatives and Measures

Delmarva Christian Schools, a Christian school system with campuses in Milton and Georgetown, is proud to announce significant advancements in their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff. Through a comprehensive approach, the school system has implemented various measures to enhance school safety and protection.

DCS has undertaken a thorough evaluation of their security protocols and has made vital changes to fortify the safety of the school community. 

Key safety initiatives recently launched by Delmarva Christian Schools include:

Hiring of School Constables: To ensure a robust security presence on both campuses, Delmarva Christian Schools has appointed school constables with over thirty years of security and law enforcement experience who will be stationed on-site. These highly-trained professionals will play an instrumental role in maintaining a safe environment and responding swiftly to any potential security concerns. “We are thrilled to add Officers Hastings and Walters to our team as Constables who will provide expert trainings for faculty and staff as well as consistent security throughout the school day and on campus events," DCS Head of School, Matt Kwiatkowski. "Their successes in law enforcement combined with their mature faith and biblical worldviews make them a perfect fit for our school culture and the accomplishment of these specific responsibilities.”

Installation of Safety & Security Window Film by ShoreTint: The school system has partnered with ShoreTint, a provider of safety and security window film solutions, to fortify their facilities' windows. This cutting-edge window film technology will serve as an additional layer of protection, reinforcing the structural integrity of windows and mitigating potential hazards.

Strengthening Staff Training: Recognizing that every member of the school community plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure environment, Delmarva Christian Schools has intensified safety training for all staff members. This includes preparing them to respond efficiently to emergencies and adopt best practices in safeguarding their students and colleagues.

Matt Kwiatkowski, Head of Schools at Delmarva Christian Schools, expressed his unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of the entire school community, "We have taken time to analyze our steps and find ways to protect each other. Our children, faculty, and staff are precious treasures Jesus has pulled together. We remain fervent in prayer and will continue to work together with concrete strategies to protect our school community."

The entire Delmarva Christian Schools team is resolute in their dedication to creating a nurturing and secure learning environment, where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually. By implementing these comprehensive safety measures, the school system strives to maintain the highest standards of protection, fostering a sense of trust and tranquility for all stakeholders.

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